sweat spot

by Meg Pendoley

love is pussy on a hot stone stoop
pussy is hot is patient
can wait
this one out
resilient pussy
today is
bring your dyke to work day
and you’re late
hot skin hot lip
of the railing
on my back
last week at the nice beach
nice ladies
called the cops on my chest
and he came
sand spraying
no I don’t think this is funny
no sir I don’t think this is a joke
just that it’s absurd
to be this body
in front of an angry man
with so much power
and so much dust
on his patent leather boots
nice boots
South Philly presses right up to me
waiting patient on the stoop
part of the neighborhood knows
so shuffles up
barrel chested
in some places you can step
out the door and already be
in the street
like this
sweat spot on a hot stone stoop
waiting for someone
to fill me
or feed me
something sweet
quick burst
through afternoon laze
like so sweaty your skin is mirraging
away from you
already done already
on the way home

Meg Pendoley is a restless Sagittarius living in Philadelphia and thinking about alternative archives / slutty queer futures. Meg’s work has appeared in Tin House’s Open Bar, Apiary Magazine, Bedfellows, and Deluge (Radioactive Moat).

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