Warm Up

by Kyle Bonner

I think I figured out the problem

I think I’ve said that at least twenty times now

But I think I’ve figured out the problem

I walk around my new apartment draped in a blanket

I go to sleep wearing a sweater

When I think of warmth, I think of that deep red sheeted full sized bed in South Philly

I think I left my warmth behind in your bed, with a few random socks and pair or two of underwear strewn about somewhere in your mess of a room

Or maybe the warmth fled when I found out you had cheated with a least 5 guys, so it’s no wonder I’ve got beef

I probably didn’t even notice because the summer sun kept me warm enough to ease my mind

But this winter has been a cold one, colder than any I remember

And I keep searching for someone to warm my bed, hoping they bring enough warmth to fill the void

But each has their own problems, and I have enough trouble dealing with mine

I found great sex in one girl, companionship in another, and the other night I found passion

But I’ve yet to find all three together like I did with you.

But I will

I just hope that after I warm myself back up you don’t have trouble sleeping at night in that deep red sheeted full sized bed in South Philly

Warm yourself with the memories of what we had, because I’m currently burning mine to do just the same

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