untitled poem

by Mike Bushnell

google voice automatic transcript:

Hey there, this is. My personal. Hmm clean. The reason the black or passport. For bathroom the pictures and they can people in different poses. I guess I can. You know, it’s like, Yeah, the execution and there’s like a bird on you know that some of the house and I ever good Lord God. I don’t know. I sent you a try to talk about it. I’ll start talking about on Mon bridge on the field by calling. I got the book. Along with that person so that I. I know I don’t know. I never heard another suspect my password but I don’t know. I was calling to the art double girl friend on Facebook this bunch people. I’ll talk to him on his downtown nothing to people I love. I can’t really out bye your findings. Just want to talk to him. Holt 413 from awful start another really my 14 and alright, long distance, and I was calling Buckley on the other 2 nights, but my number. I live in my dreams well so well as the moon with regarding moment cable another person stalls the spirit of peace. I have no names. How does it work hours and I love the life the dark eyebrows spread the word stone test accounts knows marks. I’d love to the bedrooms of the older sister. His name is Mark pipe is not not live in this last coming along, no longer IN production of pairs shipper wants you guys an airplane dance with. Vontage’s can’t splattered flag pole through the talk about both diverse. I was talking about testing out a little bit conflict in the absent Tanya lessening Canyon tiny cousin time in front of the matters all blown out of the family. Big Bang. Sounds like some 5th. I would rather go on down and work with the affect of standard he’s been o’clock. Whether border child my toll road room cos I’m easy. Swift from on my sense is no slows black water offering to cover of the tracks country. Simon good real good, but kind of hard on both our down my bro bluesy please. My Live in Death Island of dark wood bound of your ass. Ohh intersects not just black. You know fears. I feel I meant to see if he calls. I’ve been here before some news for you. Okay, I was on the Wagner good member in the past, but I don’t know. I know it’s okay so so much hope. Still so much hope. Garland, so I feel is hope in the world remains, without making their way fork find that mother gonna look in there. I think my find a I don’t know where the alright if you are at noon. To change everything. But on the before he has been. 4. There’s no choice and sono entire universe and saw that Michael and I just I’ve done something there, his, and I got goose bumps and of dollars for a clerking around blatantly no. I got home, part of the movers buckles, good man. It is.

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