The Conjugation of Friendship

by Michael Harper

What does it mean when a prophet kills himself? Was it something I said, or will do?

I know the future will be a Top Ten List on Buzzfeed, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be #sincere. It will all be familiar, like I found your profile days ago.

I feel both my hands are telephones, I swear I can still hold you. Please hold.

I am concerned about the tenses & conjugation of friendship: friend, friending, friended. To befriend becomes a singular action, hollow like the tips of my fingers – it does not echo in the deep cavern of my cellphone.

The internet is what happens to us when we don’t feel like growing.

The future of typing can be taught by a woman who is missing most of her fingers that she did not lose in shop class because “shop class” is just something from television and television will soon be vintage internet; it is scary that television is more tangible than something.

You will soon need a phone to know who north is. There will be an app for sunlight. There will be an app to make the ceiling of your bedroom look like stars because looking at actual stars makes us feel small & alone.

Do you think anyone is staring up at this same sky app as us? I don’t know, dear, it’s not done loading.

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