by Russell Jaffe

Dreamt of killing a lover w a shotgun
funny shapes what in the blood.

Big vitriol bloody flecks beholden O sweet
double sun binary system

infinite star splatters away yeah
always wanted a family of my own

like dead grass and siding etc.
Like a foal grazing beyond smudge’d glass doors

in a house in a
forest preserve.

Like a smoky
walk’s endless reverse vacuum of cicadas never shut the fuck up.

Once the heavy hot of
trumpet afternoons.


Dreamt of knocking a lover unconscious
breaking their fingers one by one under the sink shaking

slamming their head again and again w the small wooden door then
washing hands swirling like nature’ll do.

The time. Spirals.
Dreams burn down.

Under the stars drank cleaning fluid.
The milky bath of foam like well enough.


baby I’m sorry



Lil tear in the space time fabric of doesn’t belong.
Something other than.

This galaxy.
This planet.

Family. Friends.
Brothers. Sisters. Lovers.

Coworkers. Neighbors. The nails. The guts. The garbage. The waters.
Teeth. Wounds. Vortexes. Eyes. Follicles. Flowers. Mouths.


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