the theory of the universal wavefunction

by Moon Temple

on my way to work today i ran into a mailbox
nobody saw but i am still embarrassed
i have been trying to exist autonomously
mostly that just means i exist millions of miles away
there are people who believe that every second an infinite number of alternate/parallel universes is born as a result of slight or great variations in one or several people’s actions
at any given moment my head may exist in one or several of these alternate/parallel universes
i’ve been going through this workbook for ‘survivors of child sexual abuse’
the workbook lists ‘fantasy’ as a coping mechanism that has both positive and negative aspects
there is red nail polish in the crevices of my fingernails
i tried to take it off with nail polish remover but it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere
from far away i probably look like i killed somebody and there is blood in the crevices of my fingernails
my hands are freezing and my fingers are all falling off
i don’t think it is as cold as it was yesterday but it is cold

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