greg sestero’s familiar, habitual behaviors

by Sophia Katz

greg sestero cooked dinner alone in his apartment

greg sestero accidentally put a little too much garlic in his pasta sauce

greg sestero tweeted about watching ‘the wolf of wall street’ last night

greg sestero put the finishing touches on his caprese salad for one

greg sestero gets a blowout at a salon 3 blocks from his house every 3rd sunday

greg sestero stared at his macbook screen until his eyes watered

greg sestero pets his golden retriever absently

greg sestero ate his dinner while watching softcore pornorgraphy from 1999

greg sestero refreshed his twitter feed repeatedly

greg sestero refreshed his facebook feed repeatedly

greg sestero refreshed his tumblr feed once

greg sestero contemplated suicide daily, usually

greg sestero believes swallowing 30+ ambien would be the most advantageous suicide method

greg sestero thinks burning in a vat of acid is a close second

greg sestero has an infp personality type

greg sestero hasn’t seen or spoken to his parents in 10 months

greg sestero hates the baha men

greg sestero drinks at least 3 bottles of diet coke daily

greg sestero believes in ghosts

greg sestero wants to become a freelance graphic designer

greg sestero can’t masturbate without wearing velvet gloves

greg sestero cried during ‘blue is the warmest colour’

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