by Ellyn Touchette

so let me make you this analogy, yeah? let’s say this thing we’ve both got is like, a komodo dragon or some shit, alright? so he calls me and says he can’t keep me and the komodo dragon, and I’m all like listen, I can take it for you for a while except he says no again and again, thinks this fucking lizard is killing us and I mean he’s probably right but I mean how many people do you find who’ve got dragons like your dragons? or like, think of it like this: he calls me and tells me that I’m a real great gal all kinds of times but we’re just never going to make it work because he’s leaving me for a komodo dragon and okay listen, fuck this metaphor, what I’m saying is that it happened like this: there I was, finally found someone like me, someone exactly like me on some ridiculous level, and he wants out because we’re killing each other and he’s completely goddamned right but for some reason I just want to keep being lonely around him until I just die or some shit and did you how know deadly komodo dragons are? mouths full of deadly shit so that’s pretty interesting, right?

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