by Austin Givens

with a cup of heat
with two dark circles
with all of it at once
with every dog pacing before a shit
with a plate of steamed stars
with a knack for recognizing DNA
with a knack for understanding the stock market
with a knack for scoring goals
with me, my darling, with me, my darling, with me, my darling
with the army of my fingernail
with an array of swimwear
with an array of fashion
with an array of vaginal lubricants
with two white circles
with a cup of hot white milk
with a cup of hot buttered rum
with a blanket the size of my erection
with Harold Pinter in view
with my fucking inhibitions
with all the women on the internet
with every fetish imaginable on the internet
with all the bandwidth of David Bowie’s youtube videos
with every pixel on earth at this moment
with every particle of universal resource locators
with every sustainable energy slogan
with 3D printed guns in each hand
with every ecstasy
with every orgasm
with every birthday party
with two black circles
with two crayons of every color
with a cup of grass
with a cup of beans
with a cup of bullets
with a bucket of drones
I will shatter the vessel of flour from which god mixes together this whole mess.

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