Think Of The Grain Alcohol

by Austin Islam

think of all the grain alcohol that lies dormant in bottles in the world right now

think of all the animals in cages secreting eggs and making faces for the camera

think of all the avalanches that have folded into themselves this time this year

i tell you that i am glad you got the job at a ‘milk bar’ with flavored milks

you tell me that you are nervous and you need to practice first

instead of listening i am watching a juggalo video subtitled ‘faygo up the pussy’

think of all the methane expelled by cows in bondage for a fajita platter

think of all the oil pipelines that have yet to be built in our lifetime

think of all the corn syrup in cylindrical trucks on the highways

i see you keep going online and offline in my ichat buddies list

i can chat with your gmail account and your aim account if i want to

think of all the impurities in our drinking water after the industrial revolution

imagine if the libertarians had their way, what would we turn down for

you said ‘when you feel like you want a drink, just make a cup of tea instead’

i’ve had seven cups since noon, my heart is racing, and i still want a drink

this is the innate feeling that the marketability of my face will peak at age twenty-four

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