Your Syllabus Is Too Long I Won’t Read It

by Nick Bihm

waters so still
i saw the sky reflected

you’re planning on making out with me in a peacoat
i’m okay with this

you take my hand that i finally offer and squeeze it in intervals to prove that we’re still here

we’re in your car with book jackets lining the back seat
i am here and i am blushing in the dark
i am blushing in the goddamn dark.

we watch ted talks until sunrise
you catch me saving pictures to look at when longing

next year you’re gone, and i’m not and i want you with trimmed bangs
i want you angry at me
or hurt by me
or anything ‘at’ or ‘by’ me

i once told you that i didn’t want to be married,
but i wanted to propose to someone
you offered your hand and said yes, 
and now i’m widowed by the still waters.

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