Unflying Object

by Isabelle Davis

this morning i found a rocket ship on my front porch with a note attached it said: Travel to Neptune with this and Be Well. the directions were drawn out on the map in the glove compartment with little hearts instead of dashes as the line from here to there. the rocket ship only had room for one passenger because this was the smart car of rocket ships. i left it on my porch and attached a note back saying: Thank You so much for the opportunity but i would be Very Lonely on the trip and i don’t know very much about Neptune. the next day my note was gone but the rocket ship remained. after a while my neighbors told me to Move it Please because it was blocking their view of the street. i worried i had offended the person or thing or being that had left me a baby rocket ship. i worried that they were waiting for me on neptune. i worried that they were Very Lonely now, without me.

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