My Broken Slipper Leaves New Splinters

by Leia Wilson

she o unfair she o stop your weeping that ugly face
with her hand she stretches forth to mine
a sickle
unloves my failure
this fright that kept me up at night 
stay away with me.

my hands blooded the sheep
with the best pelt
the sheep that would have been 
the best lover

i press my body over his wildness 
we wrestle
color overcomes us that foul cry might have gotten louder
out of hand but hadn’t

mock-orange horses 
pull a chariot aspiring to rule 
the heavens i pray

i may never die nor surrender 
nor modesty taint me

& always sudden the door
new eternity irises
before me my heart knows

i love you i have 
the disguise of love
though mother may never recognize me again
so i sew a black dress 
throw it over myself
throw it over the dawn throw it over the dawn throw it over the dawn.

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