Deer Carcass Canvas

by Jeremiah Walton

As an artist, when you stare at something blank and think ‘I don’t know what to do’ it’s to hide from the
terrifying answer

‘whatever the fuck you want’

Boom bang nada boom

Going to see the eye doctor

Cause this cigarette means I’m supposed to see better than this

Something that ratatatats transcendence

Not ears, not an abstract painting of fireflies shimmering over water

Not the trees fallen in the river, nor the insects living in their corpses

Neither the hues of sunsets or runt raccoons hit dead on roadsides

Not trespassing, not panicking

Not lonely, something like friends

& being lonely

or being lonely among police lines and guns

and cartels and mothers working 60 hour weeks to feed her kids, terrorism and freedom fighters, something that incorporates all that jazz, ya know?

Something to hold onto the wings of crows in night,

filing memories with finger prints.

Meandering away from crows and ratatatats towards a glowing screen

Tums for rationalizing the emotions chortling chemicals in brain

Following the white light like they do in the movies,

the moon looks up & away

Eyes not there to hold her

An average flesh vehicle
spends (3.2) hours a day on social media

News Feeds verify it’s okay to go to the doctor or eat vegan

An astronaut looks down at the storm from the moon

& giggles as he spray paints the inside of a crater

for no one to see

for no one to love

for the moon looking up.

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