Dog Rainbow

by Roshan

there was a violent dog rainbow the day you left. some dogs fell out of the rainbow and yipped and barked and cried real hard on their way down. a few bounced around at first because they were wearing rubber shoes. but most of the dogs had red balloons tied to their belly buttons that kept them afloat for a long time which was scary at first but they were brave, brave dogs. Some of these dogs landed in antarctica and they became scientists and studied glaciers. Some of them landed underwater and became professional jellyfish and deep sea divers. Some of the dogs landed on a mountaintop and founded a little mountain village where they studied important questions about what it means to be alive and a dog. The mountain range closed up over time and no one could get in or out although a hole opened in the rocks every one hundred years for dogs that really wanted to visit & knew the secret whistle. Some of the dogs just gave up on being dogs and became flowers. I feel that. Also on the day you left there was a tiny beetle with jet black wings that was fluttering around the house that no one could stop. It seemed so angry. It settled on the underside of a lamp & your mother and I cornered it. We cupped the lamp with our hands & brought the lamp to the door and turned it upside down and gently ushered the beetle outside. It wouldn’t move at first so we kicked and shook the lamp. I love you and I miss you.

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