mycelium and the big bad electrovestigial experience

by Richard Kerwin

do you understand my language

i cannot dive as deeply as you sink

i looked at the pool but didn’t see the rain

pigeons and carl sagans agree
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck the police

i eat everything i find in my mouth

either the sun shines and all reflective things don’t shine
or all reflective things shine and the sun does something else

my eyes haven’t stopped itching

sometimes you see a dead bird flattened & not 3d anymore & like paper
and sometimes you see a dead bird and white jelly and red and purple tubes
and its belly is open & there are flies

wrinkle near your grandma’s collarbone

a yellow dog’s yellow eyelashes

you broke the keyboard & i tried to put the letters back

a yawn

dad cried

one big marble two little ones

the smell of acetone

covered in soot

took you out of you and me out of me
& both pretended to like it & did like it
but pretended to like it more than we liked it

a willow tree do you see it

a game we used to play where i said
what kind of object do you want to be
and you told me

the leaves seemed like language

an oak

a birch

& i thought part of me understood it

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