How to Love an Introvert: A Quiz

by Madison Mae Parker

Question 1: What do you hear when the rain falls?

A.) A carton of milk spilling in the grocery store before you checkout.

B.) The sound nail biters make and imagine this is what a tree 
being chopped down feels like.

C.) I no longer remember the question because I am suddenly 
sad about chopping trees.

D.) The rain unzipping itself and how I wish I could make my 
unraveling so orchestra.

Question 2: When you feel sad, do you feel sad?

A.) I drank too much of you last night. Used my mouth to pry you open and sucked your juices dry till all rinds. All stem. And you somehow felt prettier to me then.

B.) Being whole is an illusion.

C.) What is sadness but a fog. We look to the sky and ask the 
clouds if we can touch her. She comes down to her earth 
and we ask her to leave.

D.) All of the above.

Question 3: Fill in the Blank:

Alone, I am _________, only when you are_______. Because I listen to _____ in the feet_____ of your belonging. I _____ _____ ______ one with the ______.

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