by Alexandra Comeaux

a dumbbell perched
on a yard stick
blue spinning plate
your brain is the last
balloon at the birthday
crushed & waiting
a tiny elephant
ushered through space
your brain defies
all sorts of gravity
like a tin trailer roof
your brain considers
imminent collapse
in any second
your brain longs
for a new Harley
but thinks better
of driving at night
in sleep your brain
balances its checkbook
dreaming deeply
of total preparedness
your brain thinks
certainly next year
will be the good year
your brain has been
singularly waiting on
no regrets your brain
insists despite growing
tired with age your brain
is probably thinking
it’s time to find god
a power your brain
doesn’t believe in
like flying objects
and family therapists
instead your brain
prefers to slow sink
an anvil submerged
in brain-shaped denial
until your brain can
no longer take it
blown head gasket
bottle to bottom
your brain as mirror
your brain a cut rope

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