Spoiler Alert

by Kate Foley

Spoiler alert: you will
stop thinking about him. He will
no longer plague your brain. He’ll
stop writing you letters. He won’t
even be a speck on your map
because, girl, you’re going
somewhere better.

Spoiler alert: love will
find you when you stop looking
for it. And when it comes,
it will be like discovering
outer space when the highest
you’ve ever been is a ferris wheel.
Believe it or not, your astronaut
will have finally found their star.

Spoiler alert: the obsession
you carry will end. Your pining will
cease and you will find recovery
in the most unlikely places.
I’ll spell it out more
simply – you’ll learn
that drugs were not
your friend.

Spoiler alert: your funeral will
be a party. In your life, you piled up
so many friends there will be
a mile long line to your casket.
Instead of black veils, they’ll wear
party hats – not to celebrate
that you’re gone, but to pay tribute
to how hard you went
when you were alive.

Spoiler alert: there will
come a time where you look back
on today and say,
hot damn, I survived.

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