It Was Very Cold

by Carolyn DeCarlo & Jackson Nieuwland

When I first read that I thought it was in German,
like to meet up or something scary like that,
and then I just realized I know the rest of time.

What does the stroke order away?
Maybe the nonsense is the crocheted ideas,
and I should make other noises with my mouth
like da da da da da da da and down lazy.

And they might be able to hear you scream like a man.
You sound like a man and you don’t know what to do anymore
because you got what made sense sometimes.

What is the only time I told you things about my life with Paul?
Your eyes keep a secret life of secret
because that’s what you do when you speak.
To go on the stairs and you stand there
and sometimes people know better than sometimes
and sometimes it comes out and talk palms,
like right now your boyfriend tells you what he’s been doing
send you don’t know it all.

On that would be weird.

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