Junk Drawer

by Chris Rife

a fork with three tines / cracked rubber bands
snips of string in varying lengths / four nuts / seven bolts
six bits of metal / unidentified / found oxidizing in dew
a postcard from where / you wish I were
Philips head screwdriver / twenty flat head screws
expired coupons / expired aspirin / expired cheese powder
& here are speech patterns I picked up / when you were
here / a nickel / from the year your father was born
scrap fabric / nails for finishing
I spend hours in the drawer / though I know I shouldn’t
I know I shouldn’t / because I know / I’ll find what I am
what I am / looking for / the parts of you I saved intentionally
parts of you I meant to throw away / parts of me I can no longer place
& parts of me that had no place to start

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