Blue Curtains

by Doug Paul Case

Okay you caught me I like when boys smell like cigarettes

Tell me the story of your favorite city after midnight

There can be rain in the story if you want

Light orchestral accompaniment if you want

I mean I know you don’t but who’s talking

Where would you live if money wasn’t money

Would you rather buy wine or lotto tickets

How would you hurt if you decided to hurt

Would you wrap me in blue curtains and pin me against the window

There is a shadow for every drop of light

There is pressure against all the skin in the world

One day we’ll know if it exists anywhere else

One day we won’t direct our emotions at circumstance

Displacement is displacement is displacement

Did you think I’d say something different

Did you think there was time to talk about it

In the morning I’ll make tea in your yellow kettle

I’ll need you to decide

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