Almond Blossom

by Ellen Webre

I have spent a thousand years
picking myself out of the middle of nowhere

on an empty highway clutching fistfuls 
of fireflies to my eyes clawing poppy

blossoms across a belly full of rabbits 
I dripped with peppercorns I salted

the earth as if that would make the mud 
easier to swallow I buried the creatures

with a pocket watch and a dead fish 
and mounds rose up the hills of my body

a congregation of sparrows sang like nightingales
as if that would bring me peace my ghost

is mad Ophelia babbling in swampflower 
poltergeisting the highways and waiting

for the next thud wooden dolls slapped 
out of my hands brings me walnut shells

to curl into like that could keep me safe 
from waking up again in the cheekbone curve

of a boy who does not know the difference 
between a raven and a writing desk between

I’m sorry and have some wild almonds 
love I picked these myself

you’ll have to kiss me to taste them

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