by Stacey Teague

remember bodies at night

how they glow

how they bend into us

like refracted light

the memory of where a body was

after it has left its phosphorescence

you cocoon into

the spaces around things

find yourself

in auburn eyes and hazel skin

the red that flows from you

you learn that aloneness is a softness

a sky that pulls you through

you see bodies as they are

things that love you and then stop

when you wake up it’s heavy water

write down the deep green blue feelings

like paua shells

there is a pale existing in your head

a light moving in your hair

behind a colour

in the lunar month you return home

the whenua moves its arms up to greet you

climb up the hill to see the faraway beach

feel lonely like mislaid keys

it’s good to be there in the quiet

saying to yourself i’m real i’m real

as the feelings inside shrink red into shape

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