Some Synonym of Practice I Am

by Olatunde Osinaike

I finally want to talk about it
has taken me a decade more 
than most and all my wisdom

teeth have fallen victim by now 
there is a draft buried beneath 
this you will never know of

a pleasure of released dioxide and 
simile I don’t write because 
the block asks I do this out of

an empathy for myself, a backlog 
of tears and this body knows that 
the deal is ending soon it just thinks

it can wait out having to pay 
the delivery fee and this is just 
like me to go on and on nodding

to the tune of ephemera in my head 
without letting go I can count on one 
hand how many fingers I have lifted

to speak to my grandmother or 
times I even perused a bible yet I 
could tell you more about how

many times I opened my mouth 
for favor this week alone.

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