by Erika Walsh

There was the year I kept forgetting how old I was
And what to do with my mouth

I climb into the fridge a blue hole
The girl I kiss holds my hair in her fingers

She walks behind me I don’t watch her face
She holds my ribs in her sharp hands like music

His fist held my wrist like creation
I wanted to puke but did not

Some girls get so sweet when they’re drunk
I yell into the phone like my father

I looked like him when i was first born
Black hair slick with the gel of placenta

I used to think there was lots of grey area
I used to make a list of pros and cons

The bruises on my body look mean 
I take a picture of my tits in the mirror

I told this one ex about what had happened
He talked about girls who used to reject him

He said it’s like we have opposite problems
It’s not like that I still let him cry

This is about to be the hottest picture ever
Can sex please be a really good joke

We can laugh at our sorrow like candy
We can roll it tight into a bill we can breathe

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