Different Ways to Say the Word ‘Thug’

by Dagmawe Berhanu

1. Trigger happy target 
2. Archangel of the burnt and bruised 
3. Newport ash on a papi store floor
4. Pants way passed where his mama taught 
5. It’s my car sir
6. Ocean front scalp 
7. Jesus in hiding 
8. Unintentional vaudeville show 
9. Fireflies in his palms 
10. A friend’s blood 
11. Tomorrow’s bedside prayer 
12. Tonight’s prime time special 
13. It’s just my phone sir 
14. I just want to go home 
15. I didn’t ask 
16. A gunpowder freestyle 
17. A stained glass dice game 
18. A white man’s orgasm 
19. My hands at 16 
20. His voice before the shots 
21. Stop sign eulogy 
22. Mom alone in the chapel 
23. No angel 
24. All blood

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