poetry via voicemail / missed calls you actually want to hear

tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow!!!

international callers: we still have no idea how much it costs for y’all to submit. we want to make sure it’s free. thoughts?

blairpickman asked: Hi, is it possible to send the poems in spanish? I really would love to participate, it's an awesome idea <3

yes! would you be able to include an english translation too? ^ _ ^

voicemail poems fall 2014 starts NEXT WEEK on October 1st and we&#8217;re SUPER FRICKIN JAZZED about this line-up&#8230;..
:: WEEK ONE ::
Ayla SullivanMeghan PrivitelloAustin Islam
:: WEEK TWO ::Allison TrujMike KrutelZoe DzunkoKallie FalandaysSean Patrick Mulroy
:: WEEK THREE ::Elizabeth FosterMike JohnsonShannon HozinecKieran CollierLaura Poholek
:: WEEK FOUR ::Adam GrabowskiAlexandria LowtherSpencer GarrisonLeyna RynearsonPaul Maisano
:: WEEK FIVE ::Austin GivensCharles ManisDee MacDanielle PerrySteve Subrizi
&lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3!

voicemail poems fall 2014 starts NEXT WEEK on October 1st and we’re SUPER FRICKIN JAZZED about this line-up…..

:: WEEK ONE ::

Ayla Sullivan
Meghan Privitello
Austin Islam

:: WEEK TWO ::

Allison Truj
Mike Krutel
Zoe Dzunko
Kallie Falandays
Sean Patrick Mulroy


Elizabeth Foster
Mike Johnson
Shannon Hozinec
Kieran Collier
Laura Poholek


Adam Grabowski
Alexandria Lowther
Spencer Garrison
Leyna Rynearson
Paul Maisano


Austin Givens
Charles Manis
Dee Mac
Danielle Perry
Steve Subrizi

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3!

we’re just about a week away from the release of our fall 2014 issue!!!

plz do your ears a favor and listen to these rad poems from the summer.

fall issue. october 2014. &lt;3

fall issue. october 2014. <3

september? more like october!

hey everybody!

just a quick update: john’s been moving to boston and it’s been pretty hectic

the september issue is almost done, but not quite, and in an effort to save john from stressing themselves the heck out, we’re bumping our release to October

<3! so sorry for the delay!

wow. voicemail poems just broke 20,000 plays on our poems. that’s 20,000 times that someone listened to poetry. if each poem is 2 minutes, that’s 40,000 minutes of poetry. and… hm… i like this a lot… 666.66666666 hours of poetry!!!

we’re shooting for a september issue. submit NOW.

zacpizza asked: Can I submit? :)

of course you can!

check out our submissions page for guidelines!

<3 <3 <3


wow. what a killer month. thank you everyone. <3