I want you

by Matthew Dinaro

holy fuk i want you

let’s go to brooklyn in the summer and fuk on a rooftop
at someone’s apartment which is not ours
amidst smell of rooftop barbecues
as the sun is setting and the obscene glory of manhattan floating like an impossible ship behind us,

let’s go to the adirondacks and climb mt. marcy and fuk at the top of mt. marcy
amidst green hills and the shadows of clouds upon them and the chilly air of adirondack
we shall fuk m’lady

let’s fuk like creatures of the freaking night
let’s go to georgia i’ve never been there
let’s find a freshly whitewashed church sneak in a window and fuk there
it will be hot and i will lick every bead of sweat from your arms, inner thigh, underchin and kneecap
i want to tongue your vagina in the high desert,

at high noon
high on mescalin,
in a silver trailer with country music playing on a clock radio,
patsy cline will sing crazy as we fuk,

i want to fuk in the valley of the shadow of death
i want to fuk in the dressing room at the forever 21
i want to fuk on the salad bar at the burger king
and shower spew on the lettuce and cucumbers,
i want to fuk on a bus to st. cloud minnesota
i want to fuk on the falkland islands in the sheep meadows, the sheep can watch if they want
i want to fuk in the last operational phone booth in winnepeg canada
i want to fuk via skype from the next room over and then one of us comes in the other room and fuks IRL
i want to fuk on the jumbotron at shea stadium during an exhibition soccer match
i want to fuk in the attic of the house where they filmed the exterior shots for “the munsters”
and when i come i will shout HERMAN THIS ONE’S FER YOU BUDDIE
i want to order a domino’s pizza and try to get you off using only my big toe
in the half hour window domino’s promises

i want to fuk you above and beyond the call of duty,
i want to fuk you 110%
i want to fuk you like a valedictorian,
i want to fuk you like an asian try-hard,
i want to fuk you like a macarthur genius
i want to fuk you like a horse who just won the triple crown
holy seattle slew i wana fuk you

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